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Krilla Kaleiwahea

 Founded in 2022

Krilla Kaleiwahea (K2) provides professional technical consulting services for our U.S. government clients -- wherever they are in the world. As a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO), K2 receives directed, sole-source, non-competed contract awards from federal agencies. 


K2 provides Information Technology and Professional Services solutions to the DoD and Federal Civilian Agencies. With decades of government, military, and corporate experience, K2 is positioned to bring the private sector's efficiency, speed, and excellence to government projects.


K2 is owned by a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO) and distributes a large percentage of our profit to support educational and cultural programs in the State of Hawaii.

As an 8(a) status pending NHO-owned company, we have contracting advantages to help our customers meet their requirements without a lengthy procurement cycle.


Krilla Kaleiwahea 8(a) and NHO

Our 'Ohana


Michael Krilla & Rachael Kaleiwahea
                    1942 - Oahu

Peter's grandfather, serving in the US Army, met his grandmother while stationed in Hawaii. Six months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, on the evening of July 1st, he walked holding a lantern in front of their car as his grandmother, in labor at the wheel, drove down the hill to the hospital to give birth to Peter's father. At that time, no headlights were permitted on the island due to the air raid threat.


Peter was born in New Jersey, and five days later, his cousin Jeff was born in Hawaii. The exact opposite states of our fathers. Krilla Kaleiwahea is a tribute to our intertwined 'Ohana.

Meet the Team

Meet our Founders: cousins Peter Krilla and Jeffrey Krilla. Peter Krilla has Native Hawaiian roots with deep corporate experience after 27 years at Nike. Jeffrey Krilla brings his extensive background serving as a senior State Department official and Naval Intelligence Officer.

Value 01.


A principle value at Krilla-Kaleiwehea is to bring the efficiency, speed, and excellence of the private sector to government projects. We are a client-focused company committed to seeking excellence in every area of the business.

Our advantages.

K2's 8(a) status pending 


Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO) owned small businesses and have significant contracting advantages compared to other 8(a) small business firms.

$22M Direct Awards.

May receive direct awards up to $22M that exceed normal SBA thresholds and do not require a Justification & Approval per 13 CFR 124.506(b)(2)

$100M Direct Awards. Effective March 17th, 2020, may receive direct awards up to $100M for our Department of Defense (DoD) customers per the following class deviation


Awards cannot be protested.  per 13 CFR 124.517(a)

No procurement competition. There is no requirement to complete procurements to NHO before a direct award per 13 CFR 125.506(b)(3)

Faster procurement via Alpha contracting. Prior to a solicitation, contracting officers can work jointly with NHO to reduce procurement time and streamline the contract process

Meet your 8(a) and Small Business Goals. Contracting with NHO will satisfy 8(a) and small business contracting goals per 13 CFR 124.110(c) 

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